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The sheet is thin, easy to disperse, and it is easier to take advantage of the unique properties of graphene.

Excellent thermal conductivity, can be widely used in thermal and heat dissipation materials;

Excellent electrical conductivity, which can make the coating have good electrostatic conductivity and enhance the corrosion resistance of the coating


Mainly used in thermal conductive materials, lithium electrode materials, reinforced organic polymer composite materials, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant coatings, etc.

Application of graphene materials (graphene oxide / graphene)


Application of Graphene Materials in Thermally Conductive Films

Graphene film has excellent flexibility and high thermal conductivity



Application of graphene materials in anticorrosive coatings


Adding graphene to the epoxy coating can effectively block corrosive media, extend the penetration path of corrosive media, and greatly improve the corrosion resistance

Application of graphene material in separation membrane


Using the layered structure of the graphene film and its barrier properties, it has an interception effect on salts, etc.

It has broad prospects in seawater desalination and water treatment.

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