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Industry Alliance

The Jiangsu Graphene Innovation Center is a provincial graphene innovation center established by the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission. It is a graphene innovation platform that has been established in China early, with high impact and large scale. A complete graphene industry chain has been formed from research, development, production, application to sales.

The 2016 Jiangsu Province key R & D plan declared by the alliance-"Key Technology Research and Product Development of Graphene-Based Composite Materials for Electrothermal Applications" has been successful, which will become an important sector of the graphene industry in China.

Zhenjiang Dibo New Material Technology Co., Ltd., as one of the members of the alliance, undertakes a sub-project-"R & D of green and efficient industrial production technologies and equipment for thin-layer graphene", which has become the core of the alliance's R & D, production and application industrial chain Production unit.

Jiangsu Taibai Group

Has an annual output of 50,000 tons of titanium dioxide production capacity. Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Technology Center-Wuji Composite Materials Engineering Technology Research Center has been established, and it has a high-quality team of experts in engineering design, construction and product development. Is a national key high-tech enterprise, passed ISO9001 quality certification system, ISO14000, GB / T28001 and other management system certification. "Global" trademark is a well-known trademark in China. With annual sales of 1 billion yuan, the products are exported to Asia, Europe, the United States and other countries and regions.


State Key Laboratory of Materials Engineering, Nanjing University of Technology

At present, it has 4 academicians, 4 Jie Qing, 5 thousand people, and more than 30 special overseas employees. The R & D center has more than 10 million yuan worth of R & D equipment, including solid material microstructure research; analysis of crystal structure and crystal defects; determination of elemental composition in the microregion of matter; and the structure and composition of solid materials can be characterized at the atomic scale.


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